AIC Consulting Engineers

AIC Inc. is twenty year old engineering firm with two major operating divisions. Each division focuses on a specific area of expertise.

  • The first division specializes in custom designed machinery and processes
  • The second division concentrates its expertise on forensic investigations of electrical, mechanical and industrial related incidents that lead to mechanical or electrical failure, fire or personal injury.  

AIC traces its roots back to 1992, when Frederick W. Braun an honors engineering graduate of SUNY University at Buffalo saw an opportunity to assist companies, the legal profession and insurance companies in getting solutions to complex engineering problems.  A licensed Professional Engineer, Fred has extensive engineering experience in the aerospace, process, manufacturing and forensic industries.  He brings with him over forty years of management and hands-on practical engineering related experience.  

Our staff consists of fully qualified and experienced experts in the electrical, mechanical, civil, materials and metallurgical engineering disciplines. Our staff is supported by a cadre of independent experts who have developed expertise in numerous areas of specialization and are called upon to assist on projects requiring their specific expertise on a case by case basis.  This multi-discipline team approach by our technical staff, our access to local SUNY Universities' extensive technical libraries and databases, and our test laboratory assures the best results for our clients.